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Sign of the Times

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Washington state and Northern Oregon are pretty wild and with a fairly gritty down to earth kind of attitude. This results in some fairly direct signs that we have observed.

The first is taken from last night’s motel room:

What on earth are we supposed to eat if we can’t cook crab in our room?  In an earlier motel there were signs requesting that guests didn’t gut fish in the bath. A few other signs that I found amusing:

At the roadside – “state correction facility ahead – do not pick up hitchhikers”

In a cafe – “if you need your food in a hurry please tell your server who will be happy to recommend another restaurant” 

Hung round the neck of a tramp at a road junction: “I’m not going to lie, I need a beer”

However, the scenery is stunning and everyone can enjoy this now that the rain has buggered off for a couple of days.  You could have taken a photo at virtually any point this morning and it would be the equal of this:

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