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Saturday 28th……MEDIC!!!

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Yup, man down.  But first the important stuff.

It was a fairly hilly 95 miles today with nearly 7000 feet of climb.  The weather ended up not nearly as bad as forecast and it only really rained to any effect for about half an hour. 

We are now in Oakhampton, Devon (this really doesn’t have the same ring as Eureka, Nevada) and by sheer good luck the hotel doesn’t have Sky so no football.  With any luck my colleagues will go and watch it down the road leaving me to my pint and crossword.

OK, yes we have a wounded colleague.  Given that it is Michael I am astonished to report that it wasn’t his fault.  He was crossing a cattle grid on the moor when a spooked horse darted in front of him.  He braked hard on a wet cattle grid and physics took over.

He has some spectacular gravel rash and is quite shaken but he will live.  The main thing is that his bike is OK!

I am pleased to say that I feel quite fresh, I had been worried about keeping up with the youngsters but so far so good.  Alan will be pleased to know we have two faffers in the group so my morning ritual of sitting impatiently on the bike at 9.01 muttering to myself is still being observed.

Heading for Bristol tomorrow.


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