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Perfect Day

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I am aware that my entries reporting how wonderful life is may strike sum people as smug, or even bloody annoying. My defence to this is that I couldn’t give a crap! Yesterday I endured the 9.5 hour flight to Orlando……I don’t think I had fully anticipated how rubbish another long haul flight would be so soon after NZ but the answer turns out to be very rubbish indeed. To make matters worse it is a ‘bucket and spade’ route, full of common people.

We arrived in heavy rain but today has been absolutely spiffy. We did a very respectable 57 mile ride in wonderful sunshine and the roads are much prettier and quieter than i had anticpated. We got home about 3:30 and then headed for the pool for a couple of hours where we soaked up the rays and drank a couple of cold ones. Later we went into town and i ate my own weight in ribs.

Under any circumstances today would rate as rather splendid but, given that it is March in blighty, I would say it was a perfect day!

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