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Perfect 10/Tired Of Waiting For You

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It is now Thursday and we are in Fox Glacier but there is still no polar bear on a mint. We are staying in the Bella Vista motel but the vista is only really bella if you can find somewhere to stand with the motel behind you.

We have been joined by two more riders plus their partners (who will follow in a car and play tourist) making the group 10 in all. It is a rest day and this afternoon two of the newbies are going sky diving so that is probably the last we will see of them! The rest have gone to look at lakes or hike the glacier or some such, leaving me to wait for a vital part being couriered from Greymouth.

Yesterday was mostly filled with driving back to Greymouth to collect an allegedly fixed bike but when we got there we found that the extent of the repair was that they had ordered an unnecessary replacement for a perfectly good part. Electronic gears are still a novelty here and the mechanic had clearly never worked on them so I spent a couple of hours helping him download and install the diagnostic software onto his laptop then running the tests which eventually confirmed that it needed the part I told if was required when i dropped the bike off. We couldn't stay any longer so collected the dud bike and arranged for them to get the part and courier it on to me. I am now told it may not be here until 4pm :-(.

Still, I have my trusty chair and the weather is sizzling and I have some tasty refrigerated beverages so the waiting could be worse.

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