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One More Night/Holiday

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So, just to wrap things up.  Flight to Auckland done, night in hotel airport done.  Flight(s) to UK later today.  One more night which will be spent at 35000 feet then home.
I don’t expect much sympathy but for me this trip has been work and I have, in effect, ‘worked’ 30 days straight.  So it is time for a little R&R; .  On March 17th a group of 5 of us – myself, Nick Harris, Keith & Chris Gibbs and Neil Plumridge (my roomie from last year’s Specific Coast jaunt)  – fly to Florida for a week of cycling in the sun.  We have a luxury Condom (I think that is the right word) just round the corner from Mickey’s house and will do day rides around the wonderfully flat Florida countryside.  It’s a hard life 🙂

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