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Now That’s What I Call Music

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It is a rest day so lots of time to write drivel and plenty of banging songs to use:

Bandon The Run

Bandon is a very nice little seaside fishing town.  Fantastic views out to sea, though it is cool and misty so no swimming for me. 

A beach in Bandon, America, on an overcast day.


We wandered ‘downtown’ and mooched around the harbour a bit and saw a couple of seals just cruising past – not a great photo but you can see he was there!
A seal in the harbour in downtown America 
You will have to google the song to get the relevance…

Happy Hour

It is sunday, it is a rest day, what else do you expect us to do?
On a rest day, the cycling tour group stop for a beer in an American pub.

Young Guns 

On the rest day last year I was quite keen on buying a gun but I was talked out of it.  This year I was determined to buy one, but the cunning Katie found a safer compromise and bought me this:
A child's small water gun
I’m going to buy some caps and then woe betide any punk who fancies making my day.

Ticket to Ride 

It seems that someone who shall remain nameless (yes , it is Sarah) thinks that I am not actually riding but just siting around drinking beer with Geoff. This is, at the very least, slander but possibly also libel and definitely bloody cheeky.  I have nothing to prove but here is the proof:
A cyclist riding a bike down a street in America.

The Bare Necessities

Don’t you just love ‘Merican TV?  It is all garbage but sometimes you stumble across something even worse than usual.  How about this – it is called Naked and Afraid:
Naked and Afraid American TV show
As best I can tell that they take people and put them in the wilderness to survive……..in the buff.  Of course, being ‘Merica they can’t actually show the naughty bits so the whole screen is covered in pixelations!
Back on the road tomorrow…

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