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Monday 30th

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Today it rained.  A lot.  Sometimes it was just heavy and other times it was torrential.  This was rubbish.

To make matters worse we had to do 110 miles so all round it was a ‘difficult’ day.  The falling off count for the day 1 was 1, Stuart somehow managed to career into a ditch completely unaided by bolting horses.

The world finally ran out of rain about 4pm so we had a bit of sun for the last few hours.  Annoyingly it was only at this point that I realised that the rain cover for my bar bag makes a fetching rain hat and you can see me modelling it here with matching vehicular accessories.

We are in Church Stretton, Shropshire which is very pretty AND has a Chinese so we are having a rubbery meal.

Tomorrow we are going to Preston where Michael has a girlfriend (I mean his girlfriend lives there, not that he has them dotted around the country).  Hopefully he will be too tired for any conjucals.

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