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Mad World/Nice n Sleazy

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‎It’s a funny old world. Today, in cold miserable London, they are forecasting sun and highs of 19c…..in Portugal, some 1500 miles further south, it is 13c and persisting down. This had better change within a month or I will have 20 very unhappy punters on my hands.

For those of you who assumed that I had just died in Florida, I’m afraid not! We ended our trip with a long ride followed by a splendid BBQ and then a last day mostly doing nothing (rain was forecast but in the end there were just a few spots)‎. Returning to blighty was a shock and the knees had to be put away for a week or so!

I have now ‘popped’ to Portugal to check the redesign of a day on our Portuguese end to end;  tough work but someone has to do it. No techno-planes or 100 channel in-flight entertainment this time, just good old Sleazy Jet. Two hours of playing sardines ‎and a drink that, in the third world, would buy the brewery!  

I am in Barcelos – a largish town north of Porto with a fine medieval centre. I have just played the ‘find a shop’ game – if you want a handbag, mobile phone or a packet of Anedin you are spoilt for choice but if you want some bread and cheese and maybe a small beer you can walk for days looking. This seems to be the Portuguese way – I have no idea why they haven’t all starved to death.

 ‎Tomorrow I hope to find that my modified route strikes a better compromise between busy roads, hills and cobbles than the MK 1 version.

Right, maybe down this street, between the bag shop and the chemists…….

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