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Love Machine

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The Arctic Monkeys version NOT Girl’s Aloud.  I completely forgot to mention this…….on arrival we presented ourselves at the Hertz desk, only to be told that they had screwed things up and had no car for me.  Before I could work myself up into an appropriate rage she said ‘unless you would be willing to accept a Love Machine?’.  I could have kissed her.  It obviously isn’t THE love machine but still…..
Today we rode out to the east and went through some proper swampland, complete with turtles the size of dinner plates.  I don’t know where I imaged turtles live (not that I have given it  lot of thought) but, based on our experience today, they live in burrows.  At about the turning point for our ride we came upon a huge sports complex where some sort of Merican Rounders competition was in progress.  We stopped and watched for a while but, with our limited knowledge of the rules, it was hard to follow.
By the time we got home we had clocked up a magnificent 71 and the poolside rehydration was even more necessary than normal 😉

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