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Like A Virgin

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I have been ‘recruited’ by Virgin-Atlantic to take part in a new consumer research programme.  They have created a sort of social media site, via which selected travellers can record and discuss their experience of flying with Virgin.  We are a bit like mystery shoppers and we have an App that allows us to record (in writing but supported by photos and video) our views on various aspects of the flight, plane and service then upload these when we are connected to the tinterweb.  I will be negotiating free champagne in return for a glowing report with my trolley-dolly!  They are even going to give me £70 for my trouble 🙂
Over the years I have flown with Virgin more than 200 times – to the point that the whole family once went to the Virgin staff party at SRB’s house.  I am something of a fan BUT, towards the end of my time flying with them, I was seeing a change as they became bigger and started to be another BA only with prettier cabin crew (though this alone still makes them worth flying with!).   It is 3 years since my last flight with them and it will be interesting to see how things have developed.  Quite apart from anything else, Virgin ONLY uses planes with four engines.
We are off to Orlando tomorrow and the bike is boxed and the kit packed.  It is difficult to know what the weather will be like – temperatures will certainly be mid to high twenties but the forecast suggests some rain.  Hopefully this will be of the mid-afternoon deluge type that is common in Florida, leaving plenty of time for a morning ride and an afternoon nap.  I’m off now to rig up my secret camera in a tie.

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