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I’m On My Way…..

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….from misery to happiness today, aha aha aha aha (this one is by The Proclaimers but I am not going to spoon feed you on this trip so you will have to get used to spotting on you your own .)
About bloody time says Bridget.  I really am VERY immature and once I have something to look forward to I get very impatient; so the last few weeks have been a real ordeal for me. I may have only packed on Sunday but it is not an exaggeration (Knobby will believe me) to say that I have really had everything ready since Christmas!
I will shortly head off to Heathrow for the endurance test that is known as ‘flying to New Zealand’. It is about 6.5 hours to Dubai then an epic 18 hour haul to Auckland with a stop for petrol in Melbourne.   
For the last 2 and a bit weeks Frank Burns has been busy putting distance between himself and me.  I have been following his progress with interest and frustration – the place looks and sounds fantastic.
Frank’s lead looks something like this:
Home to Heathrow – 65 miles
Heathrow to Auckland – 11,387 miles
Auckland to Cape Reinga – 280 miles
Cape Reinga to  Nelson (he crossed to the South Islan yesterday and this is about where I guess him to now be) – 800 miles
TOTAL – 12,532
But that all changes when I hit the send key, lock the front door and set off.  I will finally be gaining on him. 
I’m coming to get you Frankie-boy….the race is on!
Assuming all the bloody aeroplanes work I’ll write again from KeriKeri in a couple of days.

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