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Hit Me With You Rhythm Stick

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This blog attracts a modest number of hits each day – maybe 20 on a slow day and perhaps 80 on a good day. However, since posting 'Little Boxes' a week ago this page alone gets 100-150 hits a day, all apparently originating in Greece. Occasionally a 'spam' comment gets left on the page and I assume that this is some sort of automated attack.

If, on the other hand, there is a VERY enthusiastic Greek reader could I suggest they get a life.

Oh yes, the Swedes are following things again so watch out for an Abba song soon.

I left at about 8 this morning and immediately turned right, leaving Highway 1 which is the main artery through Auckland, and taking Highway 16. This was recommended as quieter and more scenic. It was certainly quieter but I cannot comment on the scenery as it is hard to look around when you are hunched over the bars with eyes full of sweat as you slog over 30 miles on endless hills. If there was a single flat yard I didn't spot it.

Auckland is not a very heavily populated city at 1m residents but the housing is low density and it is actually one of the largest cities in the world by land area. I spent the next few hours crossing it. In the end I did not get my sea voyage as the route from Highway 16 back to the ferry terminal would have required a further 20 miles of sodding hills so I took the main road route which was flatter (I am learning that the word flat really has no place in any conversation about NZ and the word slightlylesshilly should be used instead). The price was very heavy traffic for much of it but by this point I was just focused on getting the miles done.

I am now south of the city in a nice little campsite. Very very tired but more or less on track.

To answer a couple of requests from the odd none-greek reader:

Annie – I have a photo of the harbour on my iPad but you will have to wait for wifi so I can upload it.

Alan – the beer is poor. There are some slightly better bottled beers but it is a bit of a lottery when choosing one. I found a promising looking 'IPA' yesterday……..horse wee.

As for the photo – I'm not sure how well you can see it as the sun was behind it but THIS is my sort of motor home!



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