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Here Comes The Summer

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By the end of a Bike Adventures’ season we tour leaders are usually pretty frazzled.  Running trips is mostly tremendous fun, but still hard work and some of us are on the road for as many as 100 days in a season.  A bit of winter R&R is just what the doctor ordered but it doesn’t usually take too many weeks at home before the legs start to get twitchy again.  Early in the New year we all start to bid for the trips we would like to run and as the orders come in a clear picture of each leader’s timetable starts to emerge.  By March everyone knows what they will be doing and a state of excited anticipation sets in.  

Our 2016 season was ‘launched’ with a leader get-together at global headquarters (aka Dom’s house) in early April, an excuse for plenty of drinking, a nice long ride and the exchange of war stories.  Now the trips start rolling out and my fist kicks off tomorrow (Camino).  The van is clean, serviced and loaded with bikes, spares, tools etc and I am raring to go.  To call it ‘summer’ is stretching things a bit but for me the dark days of winter are over!

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