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Go West – Return of the Grumpy Old Men

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Some of you may remember that, in 2006, the GOM rode the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to the Mexican border.  This was a very nice trip but, of course, the bar has been set considerably higher in recent years so it is time to go back and do it properly.

Sadly I am now saddled (ha ha ha ….saddled….get it?) with the responsibility of running a cycling holiday business (www.bikeadventures.co.uk) so this trip will actually be a commercial venture with myself as support and Alan riding sweeper.  I will take my bike and hope to get some riding done too so I thought I would blog the journey anyway. 

A group of 12 of us will be starting in Seattle on 15th Sepetember and riding the 1650 miles from Canadian to Mexican borders over a period of 4 weeks.  In order to keep myself out of the courts the identity of the customers will not be revealled and I will be diplomatically vague about their specific exploits.  Alan, on the other hand, enjoys no such protection and you will get the full gory details.

As hinted at by the title of this entry we will be back to song titles for the daily update….so watch this space.


PS The nice people as www.holidayphone.co.uk have promised me an extra two hours of talk time if I plug their overseas sim cards so consider it plugged.  If they don’t come up with the minutes there will be slander, libel, words you never heard in the bible…..see the songs have started already!

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