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Friday 27th

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Let me introduce you to my partners in crime, from left to right:

The dick in the middle is obviously me.

We got to Penzance on time on the train from hell – bank holiday special with people and luggage everywhere.  The 5+ hours could have been quite tedious but it was possible to occupy hours at a time by trying to pop to the buffet car.

It was a quick 10 miles to Land’s End but some of my colleagues were a bit alarmed by the rolling terrain – they have done all their training on the flat!  We were feeling pretty smug about our planned 9 day trip until we met a couple of insufferably smug Jocks who were just starting a 6 day trip.  150 miles per day for 6 days is a hell of a lot on a diet of deep fried Mars bars!

Now we are back in Penzance for vital fluid replacement.  Tomorrow we start proper.

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