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Easy Cycling Holidays

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Summertime and easy riding – what better way to explore the wonders of Europe, than by bike? As well as providing fantastic exercise in an outdoor setting, a cycling holiday also offers a greater sense of freedom and a different experience to one which could ever be offered from a car. Travelling by bike exposes the rider to all the sounds, scents, colours and sensations of their surrounding environment. It is a truly wonderful way to explore the outdoors and at the same time, faster than walking, allowing the rider to cover a decent amount of ground.

Choosing A Cycling Holiday

When embarking on your first cycling holiday, it is perfectly natural to feel somewhat daunted by the prospect of strenuous cycling, a high daily mileage, being grouped with super fit and experienced cyclists, and finding it a struggle to keep pace.  It is for this reason that Bike Adventures have compiled specific cycling holidays to cater for those looking for an easier tour. These are designed to go at a considerably gentler pace than our more challenging road trips.

Our Routes

Bike Adventures have thoughtfully designed several unique routes which enjoy some of Europe’s most impressive scenery, with a lower daily mileage, fewer hills, along quiet picturesque roads.

Danube river

The Danube Explorer

This is one of Europe’s most cycled routes and is truly the perfect trip for riders of all abilities – traffic free, well sign posted flat terrain is offered for virtually the entire trip.

Riders are collected from Zurich airport and then transferred to Donauschingen, the source of the Danube, from there the tour travels 800 miles through the beautiful Black Forest and Bavaria, down to Passau and into Austria where one night is spent in the magnificent city of Vienna, before passing briefly through Slovakia and ending in the world famous capital of Hungary, Budapest.

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Paris to Prague

This fantastic ride travels across the heart of Europe between two of its most iconic cities – Paris and Prague. Riders enjoy 12 days of easy cycling with an average daily mileage of 60 miles per day, along a well sign posted route which is based on the famous ‘Paneuropa Radweg’.

The journey begins in the romantic city of Paris – the first day is a short riding day, to clear the city. The tour then turns east to Verdun and heads down towards the beautiful city of Nancy, before meeting the river Rhine a little north of Strasbourg, then into Germany travelling through Heidelberg, Nurnberg before reaching Wieden at the Czech border. The final two days of the tour are spent soaking up the delightful scenery of the Czech Republic, before reaching the final destination of Prague.

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Prague to Berlin

Visit two of Europe’s most famous cities and experience the delights of the countryside in a mere 4 days. This wonderful short break is a fully supported tour, taking riders from the beautiful city of Prague, travelling 250 miles all the way to Berlin, Germany. The average daily mileage of this trip is approximately 60 per day, enjoying an easy route all the way.

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The Rhine ‘Source to Sea’

A magnificent tour which can be enjoyed by cyclists of all abilities, following one of Europe’s most iconic rivers all the way from the majestic Swiss Alps through to France, Germany then into the Netherlands and all the way to the coast. This stunning 750 mile ride travels along the banks of the River Rhine following the EuroVelo 15 route – it is suitable for cyclists of all abilities, with an average daily mileage of approximately 65 miles per day – this trip soaks up the beauty of the river scape with its picturesque towns and villages, many of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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For easy riding cycling holidays, contact Bike Adventures, we have selected the best routes suitable for both beginners and those looking for a more relaxed cycling holiday at a gently pace.

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