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Children of the Revolution

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Our rest day was very welcome and we ended it in the nearby bar were Alan had watched Merican football all afternoon. 

Monday dawned with clear blue skies and it was a lovely day’s riding, amongst the most scenic so far.  We are now always very close to the Specific and at times there are cooling sea mists but the sun frequently burns through and we enjoy temperatures in thge 70’s. 

As you might expect there are always dinosaurs about (bet you weren’t expecting THAT!).  On our rest day we discovered a baby dinosaur called Dino who has become our official mascot:

I took this picture to make him look really big but with a sophistacted readership like you there is no point pretending – he is really only about 6 feet long.  His daddy on the other hand is really REALLY big:

We are staying in the middle of nowhere – a small 8 room cabin style motel with a campground in front:

Very basic but clean and rather good fun.  For dinner we went 12 miles back up the road to Port Orford and the Redfish restaurant.   Quite up market by Oregon standards (linen nappkins!) but with the worst service I have ever experienced in Merica.  When our food arrived after a 75 minute wait it was mediocre and, after complaining to the chef, we were awarded a 20% discount………to which they then added a 15% tip!!!  Us kids staged a revolution and there was a bit of a scene but you have to stand for what you stand for.  The waitress then deliverted a moving monologue on the coast of healthcare, her husbands burst appendix and how badly she needed the tips.   We may not go back for breakfast!


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