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Chasing Pavements

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Today I chased the pavement for 90 miles. It was supposed to be an 86 mile day but somehow it ended up as a nice round 90. This was good for 3 reasons:

1/ it was reassuring to establish that I can still do big mileages (including some substantial climbs) without dying, crying or quitting

2/ it reconfirmed the wisdom of my decision to cheat – I really wouldn't want to be doing that every day

3/ I am now a good way ahead of schedule

From the YHA it was 14 mile slog up and over the hills to Fox Glacier. Guess what? No polar bear, no giant mint, nothing. Bloody con. The next 60 miles were relatively lesshillythanusual before another big climb over Knight's Point and a gentle run into Haast. About 10 miles from the end I got my second puncture in 2 days and a closer inspection confirmed my rear tyre was all but knackered so I changed it -hopefully that will fix things.

Today surpassed itself for nothingness, between Fox and Haast there was…….err….a road……some trees……a few squashed possums…….err, I think that is about it. I had a look at my SatNav today and between here and the airport that I will reach on Saturday there is one turn…..ONE.

One of the ways I pass the time while pushing the pedals is studying the local cars. There are a lot of anonymous boxes from the Far East, a few big v8 Ozzie muscle cars from Ford and Holden, but to my surprise there is a surprising array of very well preserved British cars from days gone by. I have recently seen a Mk II Cortina an Austin 1100 and a very shiny Rover 3500 P5. These appear to be every day transport rather than showpieces.

Having spent an average of £12 per night on my accommodation since arriving on South Island I decided it was time for a treat so I am in a proper hotel with fluffy towels, tv and other unimaginable luxuries. To balance the books it was pies and pot noodles for dinner – I just didn't fancy being Billy no mates in the hotel restraunt and that was all the shop had to offer. I am not sure that I have adequately conveyed the magnificence of Kiwi pies. Any place that sells any food of any description sells pies. Hot pies, usually 5 or 6 different varieties. I like pies.

No photo today – I can only add photos if I file from my phone and there is no signal so this is being written on my iPad which seems incapable of such trickery.


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