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California Dreamin

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Tuesday and we have passed into California.  This means we have done 2/3 of the states but only 1/3 of the miles.  The riding today has been exceptionally pretty with the ocean a few feet to our right for much of the time.  We are now in  Cresent City, or rather in a KOA 5 miles north and camped in the middle of the redwood forest.  The realy BIG redwoods are still 2 days south but we are, none the less, sleeping at the base of chuffing big trees.  Tonight we went into town for tastly foodstuffs and had a meal around the camp fire and I am writing this by the power of KOA wiffy. 

The whole group is now pretty independant; I drop the bags at their hotel around 2:30 and meet them here next morning but the late afternoons and evenings are pretty much my own.  Not that I do anything very productive with the down time – I should really take up knitting. 


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