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Avenues and Alleyways

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The Tony christie song……no not THAT one, the other one.

Today I spent the morning chasing around after a bike that kept puncturing but eventually we swapped the tire and it started to behave.  We are now in the Avenue of the Giants so guess what?  yup, more bloody Redwoods,  though impressively fat tall redwoods and the riding has been very lovely. 


The plan was for us to camp in the grounds of the motel where the others were staying but thanks to Tanya at the Redcrest Resort (who decided to ignore our tent booking and dig up the campground) we are staying in Burlington Campground ‘4’ miles further on.  This is a Tanya 4 miles so actually 8.1.  THANKS Tanya!

Having pitched out tents we then returned 8.1 miles to sit on the porch, eat pizza, drink bear and talk b******s while the sun set.  

We are away from the coast and temperatures are now a toasty mid-80’s and full sun, though there is plenty of shade in the sodding redwoods.

In a quiet moment I took stock of the state of LM2.  It is coated in a layer of dust about a foot thick and the inside is so disgusting that the gypsies have moved out muttering about it being too messy for them.  I think a tidy up may be needed soon :-(.

Sorry for the short entry but doing 3 days in one go is a bit of a pain……..maybe I’ll go for a big one for Friday if I can find a Bulgarian-English dictionary!


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