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Always The Sun

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Halloween scarecrow competition

Multiple scarecrows for Halloween scarecrow competition

Long stretch of empty American road with the sun shining.

Palm trees against a blue, cloudless sky. The sun is out.

When I checked the forecast this morning for San Simeon (our hotel on the coast) it said highs of 25c.‎ I then checked the forecast for San Luis Obisbo (our lunch stop but 10 miles inland) it said highs of 38c. Surely a mistake ‎I thought. Actually NO. As you head inland the temperature rises by about 1 degree C per mile.  
In the morning we passed through a Halloween scarecrow competition but the rest of the day was unexciting after yesterday’s thrills, just scrub and a searing sun.  

Today was a peasy 57 miles and we were all done by 2pm, time to laze in the sun and talk bollocks.  ‎We are in Arrayo Grande, a couple of hundred miles north of LA. Tonight we are heading to a ‘western style’ restaurant. So basically hot dead cow.


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