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A Whole New World

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If my 'earthquake' blog would have got me an A* at Geography I am about to make an admission that would get an F.

Being British, and therefore from the country that founded civilisation, I have become so used to world maps placing Britain in the centre that it hadn't really occurred to me that there was any other presentation. Down Under, despite owing everything to the British the cheeky sods put the Specific in the middle with the great land masses arranged in an arc around the top and sides. To my astonishment (Geography failure coming up), I now see that it would be possible to Cycle from the Cape of Good Hope to Cape Horn with only the very briefest sea voyage across the bearing strait. I have no idea how far this is but I'm betting it is much further than the normal 'round the world' jaunt.

So that is my retirement sorted out.

Only kidding girls 😉

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