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10,000 Miles

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Mary Chapin Carpenter to save you Googling it.

The jet lag from NZ is slowly fading and I am getting up now at an approximately normal time.  I should just about have things sorted by the time I get on a plane to Florida and screw everything up again.

With the improved weather I am, at last, able to get out on the bike and have managed a respectable 300 miles over the last 10 days.  I cannot deny that this has been painful and my lack of fitness has never been more apparent – from last September to my return from NZ I have probably ridden fewer than 1000 miles and boy does it show.

This cannot continue, so I have set myself a goal.  As goals go it is quite a big one – to cycle 10,000 miles during 2014.  To put things into context, the best I have previously manged is about 9,800 in the year I cycled across the USA.

I know the maths is pretty obvious but this requires cycling, on average, 27 miles every single day of the year.  Even more depressing, this means that, by now, I should have already cycled almost 2000 miles whereas I have actually done just 450.  Bugger.

A jolly good start will be my little jaunt to Florida on Monday.  We have 7 solid days of cycling with  a promise of flat roads and warm weather.  I am hoping I can notch up the best part of 500 miles.  After that, who knows, but at least my humiliation if I fail will be recorded via this blog.

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